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Hello and Welcome to my blog!!   This blog is to promote and share my Crafty Paws Paper Goods brand.

I have always enjoyed a variety of crafts and about 8 years ago got involved in scrapbooking.  I’m single, with no kids, so I tend to scrapbook my travel adventures and my loyal companion Brodie, a handsome Scottish Terrier.   There came a point where I ran out of pictures and needed a change from scrapbooking, so I played around with making some cards using scraps I had leftover.  Everyone seemed to love my cards and encouraged me to do more, make more, sell them, etc.  I wanted to come up with a name brand for my cards and gave it some thought.  Brodie usually lays by my feet when I’m crafting and it’s not unusual to look down and see little bits of paper or ribbon in his fur.  One friend asked me “how does he get the glue out of his fur?”  LOL So that is how Crafty Paws Paper Goods came into existence!

So, here I am, about 2 years later and I am really enjoying making cards and custom invitations and party favors and general paper crafts.   I did some smaller shows just to see how things went and I had great success.  My name is getting out there more and more, and my “hobby” is beginning to take off!!  I do work full-time, so this will always be a hobby, but it is nice to use my crafty powers for good!  🙂   It is so satisfying to hear how much someone loved the card they bought, and then again how much the card recipient loved getting a handmade, personalized card!

I started small, on Facebook, to give myself an avenue to post pictures and reach a larger audience.  That quickly grew to Etsy and later to Zibbet, where I sell my paper crafts online.  It also helps act as a portfolio of sorts, for potential customers to see my work and read customer comments.

I really enjoy what I’m doing now and the creative ideas seem endless.  I just don’t have enough time to execute them all!!    Please visit my sites and I hope you too will become a fan of my work!

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/craftypawscards Public site so please feel free to “Like” me

Etsy: www.craftypawspapergoods.etsy.com  My shop is CraftyPawsPaperGoods

Zibbet:  www.zibbet.com/mboggs86  Search mboggs86 or Crafty Paws to find me

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